lousie knowles - artist

Based in Sydney, Lou Knowles is a painter that loves colour and texture. She mainly works in oils however collage and photography are also part of her process. Lou started using oils in the late 90’s and it’s been a major part of her practise ever since.

She is heavily influenced by what surrounds her, the spaces, objects and people that fill them.

The design of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s is apparent in the shapes and elements of her work. Spatial awareness and predominantly the negative space are fascinating to Lou.

It is within these parameters that her work evolves. Abstraction is her newest focus and challenge.

artist statement

As I explore abstraction in my art practise, I am aware that life is a series of abstract experiences.

Our brains try to rationalise every situation, some which are simply irrational.

Experiencing change, turns your world upside down in both positive and negative ways. It is easy to become chaotic in an already full life, juggling things.

To express feelings and communicate through a medium of colour and texture has been an important tool for me. Putting paint on surfaces gives me the time to think and deconstruct my reactions to certain events. Colour has always been a part of my process. Creating textures and depth through the layering of colour, allows the observer to witness the stages

Louise Knowles - Artist


2019 – present Group classes with Yaeli OHana, Willoughby Workshop
2000 -2004 Group sessions in the studio of Sarah Mufford, Brookvale


Winner, wall works category Little Things Art Prize 2021
Saint Cloche, Paddington 


Fifty Squared Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitroy VIC 25th June 2022

Group Abstract Show, Brick Lane Gallery, London UK, June 2022

Special Mini Release, Michael Reid, Newport, 'Tree Sounds' May 2022

Ewart Prize Finalist, Willoughby Workshop, May 2022

Small Works Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC, January 2022

Spring forward, no falling back, The Wellington Gallery, Group Show, October 2021

Little Things Art Prize, Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington, September 2021

Be Brave Gallery, Avalon, Group Show, Decemember 2019

Institute of Architects, Potts Point, Solo Show 2008

Red Door Gallery, Summer Hill, Solo Show 2006